All of the organizations and websites listed on this page are well worth checking into!

The ARNI Foundation (Animal/Need/Rescue/Intervention) is a wonderful organization based in Central Florida. They rescue approximately 100 animals per month from cruel ownership or certain euthanasia. Many of these animals require extensive medical attention. After they are nursed back to health, they are adopted into loving homes, with spaying/neutering done at no cost to the new owner. ARNI also provides a low cost spay/neuter mobile for low income families. Volusia, Flagler and Putnam Counties all benefit by the bus coming directly into their communities on designated dates. Their dedication to animals does not stop with dogs and cats. Please check their website to see who else is available for adoption, including Premarin Foals. These foals are rescued from slaughterhouses in Canada and are driven back to Florida for adoption into loving homes. There are currently two projects in the works. The first consists of training rescued dogs for handicapped people, which will then be donated to them. The second is Rocky's House. Many dogs are euthanized when their masters die and have nowhere else to go. At Rocky's House they will either be adopted into loving homes, or spend the remainder of their lives.

Their mission is to educate the public about humane care and the protection of animals, whether pets, domestic, livestock or wildlife. They participate in many fundraisers for local rescue groups as well as have petfood collections. One goal that is in the preparation stages is a Low Cost Spay And Neuter Mobile to service the North Central Florida area. Many local rescue groups have benefited by joining their yahoogroup when needing assistance to move their homeless animals to their forever homes. They also help children with their Storytime Reading Project. This is where dogs are brought into schools to help children that hate to read become competent and confident readers.

The Website is a base for the newsletter. It is a place where you can look to for pointers on various topics. The newsletter will cite a story or article which concerns animals (sometimes health or nutrition) and provides an email link to the media source. You only have to click on a button to dash off a quick note and make your voice heard. Please look at the email etiquette page. You may sign up for alerts by sending an email to, mention in the subject or body of the note that you would like to subscribe. As some alerts are of particular local relevance, please indicte what state you live in and the largest metropolitan/area newspaper.

The next time you are thinking of adding another member to your family, please consider using They are an online searchable data base for pets from shelters and rescues across the country.

Buffalo Field Campaign is the only group in the field 365 days a year, protecting the wild buffalo. Please visit their website and sign up to be placed on their update list (usually 1-4 a month) or send an email to

Dog Friendly is a very informative website if you plan on traveling with your dog. There are 1,000's of accomodations that allow well behaved pets of ALL sizes. Also listed are pet friendly attractions, parks and outdoor restaurants. If you are thinking about taking your pet out of the country, check out the list of restrictions for entry into various countries. If you are planning on adding a new member to your household, there is also an extensive Rescue Group listing.

Animals In Need Of Help
Animals In Need Of Help is a wonderful website for anyone looking to get involved in Animal Issues. There are separate pages for Antivivisection, China/Korea Eating Dogs, Animal Poems, Petitions and Alerts. There is also a very helpful Links page. You may also want to sign up for the related yahoogroup Animals In Need Of Help, either at the website or by sending an email to By becoming a member of this yahoogrops you will receive daily alerts that you may participate in by sending letters, emails, faxes or by simply signing a petition. No matter what animal you want to help from dogs and cats to elephants and wolves you will probably receive an alert in it before long.

REDJELLYFISH.COM LONG DISTANCE long distance works just like any other major long distance provider, with one major difference. Each month they automatically donate a portion of the profits to Feeding The Chimps and Saving The Environment. In addition their statements are printed on 100% recycled paper, or you can elect to use their tree free electronic billing called EBILL. Even the calling cards are made from recycled plastic and the website is completely powered by solar energy. There is a 4.95 monthly charge, with out of state long distance calls are only 7 cents a minute. Local toll calls are regulated and vary by state.

This website is dedicated to homeless and displaced animals. Here you can find a worldwide shelter directory as well as an outreach lost and found pets program. If you can crochet, knit, quilt or sew find out how you can help with the Snuggle Project. Through the Snuggle Project animals in shelters can receive physical and phychological comfort with security blankets called snuggles.

Jody's Jungle is a wonderful website to visit if you would like to get more involved in animal issues. You must check back often as it is constantly being updated. There are also separate pages for various topics such as Elephants, Bull Fighting, Dog Fighting, The Iditarod, Animal Resources etc.

Donate 500 square feet of Rainforest by donating an old mobile phone to The Adopt An Acre/ Program. Reuse is the best form of recycling. You need to download a donation form and a free shipping label in order to donate your phone.

This is a really great site. There are Cat Rescues listed by state. Important information about Cats, Cat Care, Responsible Pet Ownership, Rescue Wish Lists, How To Start A Rescue etc. all provided for you. See how to get your group listed.

*****JUST FOR KIDS****ASPCA's Animaland is a very educational site for children. Ask Azula is a question and answer section that covers many topics that children always want to know and we don't have an answer for, such as Why Do Frogs Jump? The cartoon section teaches your child through animation how to handle situations, such as Adding A New Fish To Their Tank. There is also a section that deals with Pet Care and Games to be played.