This is Cookie, a Capuchin, who resides at Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary. She enjoys spending her time playing with toys. Meet some of the other residents of Mindy's by subscribing to the online newsletter Monkey Tales. View pictures of more of the Residents.   


If you need to evacuate with your pet, or simply enjoy traveling with them DogFriendly.com has a large list of pet friendly hotels.


The next time you are thinking about adding another member to your family, consider Petfinder.com They are an online searchable database for pets from shelters and rescues across the country.


There are many non-profits that can really use your help. Many things can be done without any cost to you. Some of these while doing the sames things that you do everyday anyway, such as: 

There are many Click to Donate Websites, where in just a moment of your time and a simple click you can make a donation.

When shopping, consider shopping through websites such as IGIVE.COM or GREATERGOOD.COM, Check to see if your favorite non-profit is registered. A portion of your purchase is donated to the charity you select. This is done at no cost to you. Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary is registered with IGIVE.com.

Check with your favorite non-profits website to see if they beneift by your shopping at specific online stores when you access the store through a link on their website. This is also done at no cost to you.

I have created a fun webpage giving you another site to participate in
Click To Donate sites, where the donations are made at no cost to you.

Send someone an ecard that helps end hunger. When you send an ecard from
Stop The Hunger a clickable link is provided to help feed the hungry. This donation takes only a moment, and is done at no cost.

The next time you would like to send an ecard, please consider sending a Monkey Greeting. A separate album has now been set up featuring Christmas, Happy Holidays and Seasons Greeting Cards All cards feature residents of Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary.

Open a free email account at
Planet-save.com, For every email sent or received and opened a donation is made to save The Amazon Basin Rainforest.

Open a free
Ecology Fund email account and help preserve habitat. At least 50% of all revenue Ecology Fund generates from advertising on email web pages are spent on Ecology Fund projects.

PETSMART has a wonderful affiliate program. The next time you place an order, check to see if your favorite cause has a link to Petsmart on their website. If they do, please use it. Your cause will receive 15% of your purchase if you a first time customer and 5% if you are a returning customer.

Each year that you are a member of
RedJellyFish.com Internet Service, a donation will be made to the Nature Conservancy to purchase and protect 6,000 square feet of rainforest.

Shop all year round at
IGIVE.com. They have over 200 stores, including Walmarts, Amazon.com, Petsmart etc. A portion of your purchase is donated to the charity of your choice. Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary is registered.

Shopping can also be done all year round at
Greatergood.com. They have over 100 stores, including Amazon.com, Priceline, Office Max etc. A portion of your purchase price is donated to the charity of your choice.


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